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eFarmersMarket targets both those who frequent farmers market and those who work at farmers market as well.

Help me Find Farmers Markets in my area

For those who prefer natural produce and handcrafted goods, you will be able to find the markets that are in your locality. This will include locations as well as date/time of operation. Future releases will target speacial events the public can experience.

For Food Workers

It is critical for the public to know that all food they acquire at Farmers Market, either purchased as produce or prepared onsite--is safe. eFarmersMarket in conjunction with eFoodhandlers.com, a leading food safety training website, has created a course that specifically targets the needs of this growing marketplace. Take the course, and even earn a certificate of completion that you can demonstrate to your public that shows you understand food safety rules.

For Farmers Market Vendors

For Consumers who want to buy Farmers Market Good Online

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